A Leading Global Event of Top-Notch Digital Display & LED Illumination

LED CHINA 2019 • Shanghai

2019.9.18-20 | Shanghai New International Expo Centre

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Advertising Packages

Sponsorship – Outdoor Welcoming Arch


Sponsorship – Indoor LED Display Welcoming Arch


Sponsorship – Indoor Wide Format Billboard


Sponsorship – Outdoor Wide Format Billboard


Sponsorship – Outdoor Wide Format Billboard in between Halls


Sponsorship – Outdoor 3-face Billboard


Sponsorship – Advertising Machine (Visitor Registration Halls)


Sponsorship – Show Floor All Graphic Production


Sponsorship – LED Display at FSA Conference Rooms


Outdoor Wide Format Billboard

Appointed location: outside of the South/North/East Registration Halls
Specification: 5-meter high x 8-meter wide
Price without frame covering:
  RMB22,500 /1pc / event period
  RMB50,000 /2pcs / event period
  Frame covering: RMB5,000 / 1pc