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LED CHINA 2020 • Shenzhen

2020.2.24-26 | Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

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Online Exhibitor Manual
Dear Exhibitor,
Thank you for participating in LED CHINA 2020 • Shenzhen. To prepare your stand and to benefit as much as possible from your participation, we herewith provide you the Manual with Technical Information and Promotional Opportunities.
Please download the manual
Please download the manual
Should you need any assistance in your preparations for the event, please feel free to contact the Customer Service Department of UBM Trust at +86 20 38106261 or


Lifting And Floor Loading
  Floor loading for Halls W1-W5 & Halls E1-E7 in SNIEC is 3,000kg/sqm. If there will be any vertical vibration in Halls W1-W5 & Halls E1-E7 during the exhibition period, the fore-mentioned floor loading capacity will be reduced by 50 percent. If the exhibit exceeds the mentioned dimensions, exhibitors must declare such to the Organiser in advance, and the Organiser will consult with the exhibition centre. If approved, in order to ensure safety, the exhibitor shall take appropriate measures, as per the requests of the exhibition centre, before moving in the exhibits. If NOT approved, the exhibits are not allowed to be moved in. Should the exhibitor fail to declare the overage: 1. When the over-weight amount is discovered and the exhibitor refuses to correct the situation, then the exhibitor will be expelled from the exhibition centre; 2. Should any safety problem or accident occur due to this overage, the exhibitor shall take full responsibility.
Stand Height Limits
  Booth Construction Requirement
  One Storey Raw Space Booth ——
  The height limit is 4.4m, the top of the booth must remain open and cannot be sealed (blocked). If the ceiling is made of glass or board material, 6kg dry powder fire extinguishers must be set up. There must be one for every 20 sqm of floor space; two for every 20 - 30sqm, and so on. If the ceiling is made of fabric material, there must be at least 20 cm between two single fabrics. In addition, there must be 1 kg spayed flame retardant for every 5 sqm (1 kg for every 16 sqm for nylon or mesh cloth). If there are at least 60 sqm (including 60 sqm) in the custom-built booth, two exits are required.
  The maximum height for modified Deluxe Shell Stand is 4 metres
  Two-storey Raw Space Booth ——
  The height limit is 6m, the top of the booth must remain open and cannot be sealed (blocked). Net area of the booth must be at least 90 sqm (90sqm included). A two-storey raw space booth can only be built when all the fire requirements are met and relevant checking is approved. The limits of the building area: Two-storey area shall not exceed 1/3 of the total booth area; lower limit shall be more than 30 sqm and can only be used for business discussions. To ensure the safety of fire control, exhibitors shall set up 6 kg hanging powder fire extinguishers on the first deck, one for every 20 sqm, and two for every 20-30 sqm and so on. The design drawing of a two-storey raw space booth must first be handed in to the Official Contractor Milton Exhibits. After a preliminary examination, the drawing must then be forwarded to HAH Consulting & Exhibition Co., Ltd. Shanghai, who was appointed by SNIEC as the official agent to examine two-storey raw space booths no later than 2 August, for approval.
  If there is height difference between two neighboring raw space stands, the two exhibitors/contractors shall cooperate together and cover the back of the taller stand. Raw space stand exhibitors/contractors shall cover the back of their own stands if neighbored with deluxe shell stands. Exhibitors/contractors of raw space stands with double deck are responsible to cover the back of their stands at all times.
Stand Construction
  1. Materials used for the construction and installation of the exhibition stands and any other structures must consist entirely of non-combustibles with a burning diffusion rate not lower than Class B1 as required by both the national and local fire-control regulations of Shanghai. Stretch fabrics which are inflammable are forbidden in the exhibition centre. Stand roof-sealing is forbidden. Raw Space stand should be equipped with at least one portable extinguisher.
2. Any behaviour which could hamper the normal operation of the fire protection system and central supervising system, including the fire-alarm bell contact, the fire hydrant, fire extinguisher and fire escape is forbidden.
3. According to fire regulations, there should be 50-60 cm clearance between the outer partition walls of the stands and the walls of the exhibition hall for safety inspection.
4. No objects can be attached to or suspended from the fire sprinklers or lighting fixtures on the ceiling. Spotlights and other heat-generating equipment should not be focused or be stationed near the fire sprinklers.
5. The organisers or exhibition centre shall be entitled to remove any form of construction or structure which is not approved or violates the above-mentioned guidelines. Exhibitors and contractors shall be responsible for risks and expenses that may occur.
6. Contractors must put a protective covering on the hall floor before any work commences, and shall be responsible for the repair of any damage to the floor due to the construction or dismantling of the stand.
7. No nails, adhesives, drawing pins, or similar materials or hole-drilling shall be applied to any part of the Shell Scheme booth or exhibition centre premises, otherwise, the exhibitor/contractor shall be responsible and liable for any damage caused. All stands must be self-supporting; no structure or other item is allowed to lean on or be fixed to adjacent stands or structure of the exhibition centre.
8. Stick-on decals or similar promotional items are forbidden to be stuck on any part of the building of the exhibition centre. Any cost incurred by the exhibition centre for the removal of these items and repair of any damage caused shall be borne by the contractor.
Wall of booth
  1. A completely panelled stand is prohibited.
2. The location of the exhibits and the wall shall not affect the adjacent booth.
3. The closed area should not exceed 50% of the open side of the booth.Enclosed area of the open side shall not exceed 50%.
4. Wall of the open side is not allowed to be completely blocked out in case block the view of the adjacent booth.
5. Any exceptions shall be approved by the organizer and agree by the adjacent booth.
6. This term is not applicable to the booth which face to the wall of exhibition hall.
7. To ensure the visibility of the booth, fence below 1.1 meters high will be deemed as "open" type design.
8. If organizer believes that the booth design have affects to the other exhibitor, he/she reserves the right to refuse the design or request to change the design.