Basic Info

Basic Info

Founded in 2005, LED CHINA is the initiator of international LED exhibition in the world, has been recongised as the benchmark of the global LED industry. The exhibition features 5 main topics and presents an “all-in-one” trading platform that comprises the vertical sectors extending from LED and LED displays, including LED display, LED lighting, system integration, cultural tourism,professional audio.
Event Name   LED CHINA 2021
Opening Dates   2021.4.14-16
Venue   Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
Organiser   Informa Markets Trust
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Floor Plan


▊▍ All-in-One" Trading Platform:

  • ☑ LED Displays
  • ☑ Pro Light & Sound
  • ☑ AV Integrated Systems
  • ☑ Commercial Displays
  • ☑ Conferencing System
  • ☑ Digital Signage

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Exhibit Profile

LED CHINA Pavilion
LED Display
Video Control Systems
LED Illuminant, LED Lighting
LED Power Supply
LED Chips, Packages and Related Equipment
LED Lighting Pavilion
LED Illuminate: Channel Letters, Signage, Module, Light Box, LED Stripe, Neon, etc.
LED Outdoor Lighting: Streetlamp, Tunnel Lamp, Contour Light, Solar Light, etc.
LED Decorative Lighting: Meshwork Lamp, Twinkle Light, Curtain Light, Christmas Light, etc.
LED Lighting Accessories: LED Industrial Light, Plant Light, Emergency Light, Car Light, Traffic Light, etc.
Audio-Visual Intelligence Integrated System Pavilion
AV System Integration
Stage System Integration
Video Conferencing System
Integrated Solutions
Control Systems
Laser and System
Control Console
Projection Equipment
Stage Special Effects Equipment
Public Address System Equipment
All Kinds of Audio Wire, Connectors and Accessories
The Machinery and Equipment on/under the Stage
All Kinds of Truss and Hanging Device
Theater Seat, Seat Machinery
Stage Curtain, Costume Props
Self-Service Terminal
Software and Publishing System
Touch and Smart Sensor