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LED CHINA and SIGN CHINA are deeply engaged in South and East China respectively, where are the two major manufacturing bases of sign and led industries. These two brand events were held successfully in China major cities - Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Shanghai. They gathered attendees from over 100 countries and regions for 13 consecutive years before the COVID-19. LED CHINA held online, will merge the three manufacturing bases and every related sectors in led industry, showcasing a completed industrial chain at the same time.

DIGITAL SIGNAGE CHINA, Entertainment Design China and Textile & Screen Print are joined as concurrent events with LED CHINA and SIGN CHINA. In 2021, Trust Exhibition (Organiser of LED CHINA and SIGN CHINA) also has co-organised Audio-Visual Intelligence Integrated System Exhibition and Universal Display Expo.

Our Elite Brands

Founded in 2005, LED CHINA is the initiator of international LED exhibition. Located in the world’s production hub of LED displays- Shenzhen, China, the exhibition brings together not only all top LED vendors, but also the most potential and qualitied ones on the market, offers numbers choices for those who looking for new partners.

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Established in 2003, SIGN CHINA united the chain of traditional advertising signage and digital signage, it’s the most complete professional exhibition of global advertising signage industry. From 2015, SIGN CHINA relocated to Shanghai and recognized as the most international exhibition by the industry. After 19-years of promotion and brand building, SIGN CHINA is now one of the most influential and high-end industrial events, meanwhile well-known as the "Oscar" event by the industry.

Starting in 2019, SIGN CHINA presented as a series exhibition in both Shenzhen and Shanghai.

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From 2016, DIGITAL SIGNAGE CHINA is held concurrently with SIGN CHINA, showcasing the complete industrial chain from traditional signage display to digital signage display, to provide the one-stop sourcing platform for varied application area covering media, new retail, integration of cultural, physical and traveling industry, brand image design, entertainment, and city landscape lighting.

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With the development of smart city and digitalization, coordinate with digital display, digital signage, professional lighting and audio, the application field of advertising signage became much wider than before, including outdoor media, tourism, commercial retail, brand image design, urban lighting, municipal construction, security, traffic system and so on. Entertainment Design Expo provides a one-stop sourcing platform to all buyers with the complete product category from traditional signage to digital signage, multi-media and professional lighting & audio.

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