Sharing microphones causes pneumonia? It’s time to pay attention to the hygiene of the microphone!

Entertainment technology expo got a news that a man was infected with a new type of pneumonia because he shared the same microphone with a patient diagnosed with coronavirus at the company's annual meeting.

At that time, I was a little bit puzzled, it is really the case to think carefully, after all, the microphone head is a good place to hide dirt and dirt!

But some friends don't make audio, they don't know how dirty the microphone is. I will give two examples below.

A long time ago, after I gave the microphone to the singer in the backstage of the show, her agent suddenly came over, grabbed the microphone, and smiled at me and said, have you cleaned these microphones? In the face of her smile, of course, I have to give a bright smile and nodded vigorously: um, surely cleaned. Then she tore off a pack of wet tissues and wiped them over the microphone head, and handed them to me. When I saw the gray-black round shape in the middle of the wet tissue, I learned.

There is another example. I saw it in a video. A male singer was interviewed and said that once he was on stage, he sang too hard, stunned a small piece of sputum, and flew onto the microphone head. But for many years of performance experience, he did not panic and used ingenious techniques to secretly wipe it off. As a result, after he finished singing, he passed the microphone to another male singer. I did not expect that this male singer particularly liked to eat the microphone. When he watched the male singer singing with the microphone in the background, he felt very sorry.

So you know how dirty the microphone is now? In addition, the microphone is not only dirty, but also has a strange smell. When your microphone is used for a long time, you will be surprised to find that it will have a salty fish smell.

Why is there a salty fish smell?

First of all, the metal protective cover of the microphone head is a porous structure, which is easy to hide dirt, and the back of the metal cover has a spray-proof sponge. It is not difficult to imagine that after saliva sprayed onto the microphone head, it will be absorbed by those metal meshes and sponges.

But these are not the key, the point is that many people don't seem to have the habit of cleaning the microphone! After the saliva-absorbing microphones are performed, they will be directly thrown back to the flight case without any disinfection and cleaning.

So the dirty and smelly microphone is not conceivable by ordinary people, but it is different now! This is a severe period of coronavirus. Don't be lazy anymore. We should all pay attention to the cleanliness of the microphone.

In fact, the cleaning of the microphone is also very simple, just soak the microphone in the disinfection solution. Just kidding. No, we just need to unscrew the metal cover of the microphone head and clean it (not the microphone head). Rinse it with water, rub a few times with detergent, rinse it again, and then expose it to the sun. It's that simple.

But given that this is the coronavirus era, the friends performing must be watching TV at home, so the task of cleaning and disinfecting the microphone is now on the friends of reporters! In particular, some journalist friends who frequently visit the streets and go to outbreak conferences should pay attention to it.

Maybe the microphone head you carry with you has various saliva and viruses, so before and after the interview, I think it needs disinfection, disinfection is also very simple, just spray alcohol. Remove the microphone cover after using the microphone, wash it, and dry it.

There is also a particularly important suggestion: Be sure to wear a mask (in fact, a mask is worn, and the microphone will not be contaminated). Use medical masks or N95 masks with the best protection. This time the news also warned us not to slack off because the coronavirus was eliminated. Various epidemic viruses are unpredictable. Cherish life and maintain hygiene. I believe that the coronavirus will soon be eliminated. Come on!

Source: Angry Tuner