These digital technologies are certainly a must amid epidemic control

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To limit the spread of the coronavirus in a country with a huge population like China is not easy, as the main measure of this is to reduce human traffic and the chance that people gather, many retail stores have been closing since the outbreak by this reason. At such moment, to enhance the efficiency of home working and make things going online have been our top priority.


Now, Let’s see what technologies that Commercial Integration China 2020 shenzhen exhibitors have, to help combating this epidemic.

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Considering the health and safety of our visitors, DIGITAL SIGNAGE 2020 edition is postponed due to the novel coronavirus, and the new exhibition date will be given soon. Please be assure that we will reschedule the date while making sure there’s zero risk for visiting our exhibitions.

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LEYARD has set up a specific R&D sector for the technology in online conferencing since 2018, and today this technology really come in handy. Offering support for the government to better reduce human traffic and avoid cross-infection, LEYRAD’s online conferencing platform are provided to local medical organizations and public institutions without any charges. Such platform has greatly boosted the efficiency for our people who working in the frontline.

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UNILUMIN’s LED big screen kiosk and smart conferencing system have also been put in use to support the telecommuting across the cities in China. With an ultra-thin, light-weight design, UNILUMIN’s kiosk can be installed easily in office, and its system is also fast enough to allow you to start your conference within 10 seconds.

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AOTO’s integrated conferencing system has been pursuing superior visual performance and clarity. They believe such feature is one of the factors to enable efficient meeting. A premium experience is provided for the users who are looking for superior conference room including but not limited to visually stunning, flexible and convenient, safe and stable, compatible with other devices.

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LEDHUB, LEDMAN’s new launch, with Hisilicon chips from Huawei, it combines the functions of projector, digital whiteboard, HD Video Player, Computer, video conference and smart phone. A good choice for telecommuting with offsite offices.

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MAXHUB is a mature brand under CVTE for conferencing. Its Ultimate series have up to 88.9% screen-to-body ratio 4K ultra large screen. Highly integrated machine has only 19mm thickness, exquisite appearance, and stunning immersive sharp images, making it a perfect match for your superior offices.
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