The Partnership will see the launch of the Audio-Visual Intelligence Integrated System Exhibition

2021. This new exhibition will be held concurrently with LED CHINA 2021 from 14 to 16 April.

LED CHINA is partnering with CHINA ENTERTAINMENT TECHNOLOGY ASSOCIATION to organize the Audio-Visual Intelligence Integrated System Exhibition 2021. This new exhibition will be co-hosted with LED CHINA 2021, taking place at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, China, from 14 to 16 April. The two exhibitions together will reach an exhibition area of 100,000㎡, about 1,200 exhibitors and 50,000 visitors are expected to join.

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This collaboration is designed to help unlock the entertainment segment of LED CHINA, and cater to more interests of visitors.

By having Audio-Visual Intelligence Integrated System Exhibition 2021 held concurrently with LED CHINA, it will enrich the experience of the visitors and buyers. Besides the high-ranking brands across LED supply chain that visitors will normally find at LED CHINA, enterprises in the entertainment field will be another highlight of the 2021 exhibition, including the brands for professional audio equipment and systems, professional lighting equipment and systems, Stage/touring equipment and trussing etc.

LED CHINA exhibitors include: Leyard利亚德, Unilumin洲明, Ledman雷曼, Absen艾比森, Liantronics联建, Qiangli Jucai Opto-electronic强力巨彩, Gloshine光祥, LIGHTLINK雷凌显示, INFILED 视爵光旭, BOE京东方,BAKO巴科,DICOLOR深德彩,Desay德赛, CVTE视源, Sansi上海三思, Rocketsign德铭光、MARY PHOTOELECTRICITY迈锐、QSTECH佛山青松、Uniview优景观复、XINYIGUANG鑫亿光、LCF联诚发、M-SHINE明兴光、鸿利显示、TIEGE,铁歌、Menpad梦派、XINCAICHEN鑫彩晨、软屏、ROHA乐华专显、PJ-LINK磐景、K&G VISUAL金罡视觉、JSTRON杰思创、NOVASTAR诺瓦星云、Colorlight卡莱特、MAGNIMAGE迈普视通、RGBLINK视诚、VDWALL唯奥视讯、Kinglight晶台、dsbj东山精密 etc.

Audio-Visual Intelligence Integrated System Exhibition exhibitors include: Tsinghua Tongfang Co., Ltd清华同方, Taiji Computer Co., Ltd太极计算机, Crestron快思聪, Bette北特圣迪, Catlbattery江苏时代, Gunsu University of Technology Stage Technology Engineering Co., Ltd甘工大, TECLAST台电, EZPro深圳易科, 上海广远, Baolun Electronic保伦, 3G Audio三基音响, 深圳中创, Desfine迪斯声学, Dsppa迪士普, C-MARK宝业恒, LONGJOIN龙健集团, MYC中美亚, 浙江通博, ZSOUND声扬, JBL, Yajiang Photoelectric Equipment CO.,Ltd雅江光电, MINGHE GROUP湖南明和, ACME, XINGGUANG GROUP星光集团, Ekolight亿达时 etc.

With the fast development of commercial 5G, Artificial Intelligence, big data, cloud computing and IoT nowadays, a big upgrade and market shift in the entertainment industry can be foreseen. LED CHINA in conjunction with Audio-Visual Intelligence Integrated System Exhibition, will form a platform that features upcoming technologies and trends in the market, bringing latest ideas and insights to entertainment and related vertical markets.

Moreover, more than 40 forums will be launched during the show, addressing issues on the highly-interesting topics around landscape lighting design, cultural tourism, e-sports, entertainment architecture, smart office, professional audio, live production etc.


Based in Shenzhen city, China, the LED production hub of the world, LED CHINA has been recognized as the flagship event for the global LED industry, featuring high-ranking brands across LED supply chain, presenting the latest trends and technologies on the market. It is the first choice for many international buyers. In 2020, despite the current COVID-19 situation, its visitor numbers were outstanding. Its physical exhibition attracted 15,040 domestic buyers and 167 foreign buyers from 31 countries. Its Online platform, the virtual version of LED CHINA, attracted 333,825 hits. The audiences of the show encompass numbers of end-user markets, including advertising signage, live production, Esports venues, architectures, conferencing etc.

About China Entertainment Technology Association

Founded in 1991, China Entertainment Technology Association (“CETA” in short), is a non-profitable organization that leads and supports China entertainment equipment industry. It has nearly 3000 members, they are AV integrators, manufacturers, project contractors etc.

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