20-22 February 2022, “Audio-Visual Intelligence Integrated System Exhibition” will be held with “LED CHINA 2022” in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, China. With over 2,000 brands, 100,000 exhibition area, over 80,000 buyers and more than 40 summits and special events involved at the exhibition.

System Integration Pavilion

It has gathered many excellent integrated companies to provide the latest and most complete system solutions in multiple application scenarios such as cultural venues, stadiums, tourism and performing arts, party and government meetings, and smart cities.

Cultural Tourism Pavilion

The top domestic and international creative and production companies will bring their successful IP and excellent creative cases, provide reference and project consultation for new cultural tourism projects and to meet the individual needs of investors for different projects. The most unconstrained creativity, the most individual needs, the latest technological methods, and the best products will be gathered here.

Professional Audio Pavilion

It will provide a joint solution for sound and electroacoustics. At the same time, during the exhibition period, more than ten industry-leading architectural design institutes, theater craft design agencies, acoustic design agencies, and engineering project consultants will provide project consulting services on site.

►► Focus on market dynamics and hot topics

According to the development trend of the industry and the market, the organiser will fully mobilize and tap relevant industry resources and provide the advantages of the association’s expert resources. Also, establish in-depth cooperation with National Recreation, Sports and Tourism Equipment Industry Alliance, the industry organisations of Lighting, Architecture, Art, Education, E-Sports and Entertainment, professional media and principal enterprises. During the exhibition, Audio-Visual Intelligence Integrated System Exhibition and LED CHINA 2021 will jointly organise a series of summit activities, included: the development of recreation, sports and tourism industry, e-sports venues and competition audio-visual applications, performing equipment technology, landscape lighting technology, the current status and development of audio-visual profession, the convergence and innovation of digital TV broadcasting technology, smart city, smart education, smart office and new display technology, etc. 

►► Exhibits Profile

● AV System Integration, Stage System Integration, LED Display and Related Equipment, Video Conferencing System, Security Protection and Command System;

● Film and Production Equipment, Integrated Solutions, Control Systems, Software, Convergence Media, Broadcast and Movie Television, Streaming Media; 

● Laser and System, Lighting Control Console, Electric Light Sources, Lighting Accessories and Cables, Projection Equipment, Stage Special Effects Equipment;

● Power Amplifier, Sound Console, Effector, Sound Box, Speaker, Microphone, VOD System, Public Address System Equipment, All Kinds of Audio Wire, Connectors and Accessories;

● The Machinery and Equipment on/under the Stage, All Kinds of Truss and Hanging Device, Mobile, Temporary Installation of Stage Machinery and Equipment, Theater Seat, Seat Machinery, Stage Curtain, Costume Props.

►► Leading Brands

* Due to the limited space, we did not list out all exhibitors