LED Lighting

2022.2.20-22 | Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center (Futian District)

LED Illuminate & Lighting is a crucial part of LED CHINA and SIGN CHINAshowcasing LED products and technologies used in advertising signage, commercial / household lighting, urban lighting and roadway lighting. Business solutions for interior design, retail, shopping malls, airports, buildings can all be found here.

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● LED Illuminate:Channel Letters, Signage, Module, Light Box, LED Stripe, Neon

● LED Outdoor Lighting:Streetlamp, Tunnel Lamp, Contour Light, Solar Light

● LED Indoor Lighting:Spotlight, Ceiling Light, Grille Lamp

● LED decorative Lighting:Meshwork Lamp, Twinkle Light, Curtain Light, Christmas Light

● LED Power Supply:Waterproof Power Supply, Led Driver, Switching Power

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Osram Introduces Smart Office Lighting System with First Project Launching in Demark

16 Dec 2020

Suitable lighting is proved to enhance efficiency and productivity for office workers. Osram’s HubSense intelligent lighting management system with standardized “Qualified Bluetooth Mesh” technology enables small and medium-sized businesses to upgrade their lighting system to improve the comfort of working environment.

Aledia Has Produced Its First Nanowire Chips on 300mm Silicon Wafers Using CEA-Leti Pilot Lines

16 Dec 2020

Aledia, a French startup pioneering a disruptive technology for microLED displays, today announced it has manufactured the world's first microLED chips produced on 300 mm (12") silicon wafers. The company, which developed its breakthrough technology on 200 mm (8") silicon wafers over the past eight years, will produce the chips on both 200 mm and 300 mm wafers. The larger wafers provide better economic payoff and cost-effective integration with smaller-node electronics, which are only available on 300 mm silicon wafers. Aledia was spun out of CEA-Leti, a French research institute pioneering micro- and nanotechnologies, in 2012, and the work on...

Worktitude For Life: Lamp Is Committed to Sustainability and Recycled Aluminum

28 Sep 2020

Lamp is committed to working towards a more sustainable lighting industry and generating solutions with a positive impact on the environment. Worktitude for Life is an umbrella for all the initiatives we are developing for this purpose.

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