Why Join Us Online?

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    Trustworthy Brand with Near 20-Year Accumulation

    Founded in 2005, LED CHINA is the pioneers of global LED exhibitions with a large network of over 5000 manufacturers. Each edition of the event welcomed visitors from over 100 countries and regions for 13 consecutive years before the pandemic.

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    A Big Marketplace Online with Competent Manufacturers and Quality Buyers

    LED CHINA has been deeply engaged in the two TOP markets of China – The east and the south markets which are the biggest LED production hub. LED CHINA Online will help you reach the manufacturers from there effortlessly without considering travel expenses and time. The exhibitors and buyers from the previous LED CHINA events which held in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen cities will also present on the online show, let’s connect!

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    2 Grand Events bringing a Larger Pool with Products and Solutions of LED and Its Vertical Markets

    The 2023 online events of LED CHINA and SIGN CHINA will be held simultaneously. Considering from the popular applications in our industry, such as signage, staging, stadiums, hotels, retail environments etc., 2 events together incorporate LED displays, lighting, digital signage, audio-visual products and system, sign board, sign displays and sign equipment to present a one-stop trading platform.

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    One Event, Numerous Online Stores, Connect and Trade Digitally

    Difference with the online events in the past, LED CHINA online 2023 will provide access to all exhibitors’ online stores. As a visitor, you can explore at virtual exhibition halls, then get to know your target suppliers by watching their factories and products in live, finally, compare all the options online with massive searchable information. Should you like to plan a trip to visit those suppliers in person, by that time your targets will be more precise.

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    Benefit from the global network of LED CHINA

    LED CHINA has partnerships with over 200 association and media across the world. As an exhibitor, you may share the multi promotion channels of it, as well as the huge database SIGN CHINA has been accumulate for 20 years.

Exhibit Profile

LED Displays (For any application scenarios)

✔Fine Pitch/Transparent/Customized-Shape/Advertising/Rental/Stage/Interative Floor Displays, Video Wall. ✔Video Control System, ✔Software, ✔LED Power Supply, ✔LED Packing, And Related Accessories.

Digital Signage

✔All Kinds of kiosk, ✔interactive touch screen, ✔advisement players, ✔Smart Board for office and education, ✔order machine, ✔Self-help service machine, ✔face recognition, ✔Software and integrated system

LED Lighting

✔Indoor and outdoor lighting, ✔Architectural Lighting, ✔LED Advertising Illuminant, ✔Neon, ✔Decorative Outdoor Lighting, ✔Power Supply


✔Signage, ✔banner displays, ✔ light box, ✔Retail Display and POP, ✔Digital Printing, ✔Sign Production Equipment

Staging and AV System Integration

✔LED Rental Screen, ✔Stage Lighting, ✔Loudspeakers, ✔ Lighting Control Console, ✔Laser And System, ✔Wire, ✔Connectors And Accessories, ✔Truss And Hanging Device, ✔AV Integrated System, ✔Video Conferencing, ✔Public Broadcasting, ✔Stage Systems, ✔Audio, And Sound Solution, ✔Multimedia, ✔Projection


Trust Exhibition

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